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About Imvet

Imvet is an innovative solution from software division of Nano Nino Inc. which produces specialized solutions for the Animal Healthcare Community.

Primarily it caters to the Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals in the United States and Europe. At Imvet we understand each and every Practitioner, Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital and we believe that each and every one has its own specific business process and we can provide a customized solution worked out of our solid Practice Management software available in various versions.

Imvet comes as a comprehensive Veterinary Practice Management Version which can be used by a single Practitioner to a Multi User Hospital. To understand its powerful features please go the Product Section of this website.

Imvet is completely supported technically and constant research is contributed to the improvement of new advancements in the product which are provided to the customer as upgrades.Currently available in English versions for US, Canada, UK, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Barbados, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Global version on special request.

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