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You may also want
Single user version for Hospitals, Clinics and Mobile Veterinarians
Single User version for Mobile and Ind. Practitioners
* Excellent Contact Management to reduce time on operations
* Client Relationship Management functions to improve the practice
* Comprehensive address book of both Vendors, Doctors and Consultants
* Smartcard support for storage and retrieval of patient data. (optional)
* Event Scheduler to program evens and appointments
* Complete database to store type of animals, performances and medicines
* Surgery record functions to document performances
* Easy to manage client and patient files with all data at easy access
* A comprehensive medicine inventory control with expiry management
* Exhaustive controls for house calls, clinic calls, certifications and clinical records.
* Inbuilt calendar to keep track of appointments and events.
* Automatically generate appointment / event reminder.
* Integrated accounting module covering invoicing and medicine sales.
* Recording of expenses and generation of financial statements.
* Easy to use Reports and Certificates generator
* Accurate Accounting System to have control over the business
* Various statistical reports based on type and time.
* Complete online and offline help. * Uses a Robust and Reliable Database.
* Multi user and Multi language
* Inbuilt backup and restore utility for Imvet database.
* Export of data to other popular software.
* Software support by email

Price : US $ 498


Online Support Subscription
Service Period :   0     $ 300  Per year

From year0
  Amount $ 300

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